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Mould Shields

Injection moulding equipment, like moulders, sometimes need a little help. For several years IPS™ has been manufacturing auxiliary equipment to help moulders capitalize on their machine time by capturing every part made. Using patent technology, IPS Mouldshields prevents parts from falling outside the drop zone, while the uniquely designed Mould Chutes ensure that discharged parts are collected onto conveyors or into boxes without costly losses.Used by manufacturers all over the world, IPS products have built an enviable reputation for quality, reliability and customer loyalty.

IPS was founded by its President James Johnson in 1997. James had a long and productive career in the plastic moulding industry working for several companies including Owens-Illinois. IPS Mouldshields prevent your parts from scattering randomly within the mould open space by keeping them within the desired “drop zone”.

Mouldshield is a crystal clear plastic curtain which attaches to either side of the mould using magnets. As the mould opens and closes, the Mouldshield expands and contracts to provide a curtain that prevents moulded parts from falling outside the drop zone. The crystal clear plastic allows you to observe your moulding area, and monitor your parts production in progress. With an in-service life expectancy of three million cycles, Mouldshields have a rapid pay back based on scrap reduction and increased good production output. Since Mouldshields are easily attached and removed as necessary, they can be quickly moved from press to press to meet changing production demands or simply removed in seconds for equipment maintenance purposes.

Mouldshields are easy to install and remove, with some assembly of hardware required. Each Kit contains 2 Mouldshields, mounting hardware, and the required number of attaching magnets for the model of shield. Due to the wide scope and size of the Mouldshields range we are unable to reproduce the complete range in our online catalogue. Please visit the site below to see a complete list of the Mouldshields range.


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