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HTMP Series Tanks
Vacuum Sizing Equipment

Brand : Conair
Model Number : : HTMP-18-4

HTMP multi-pass tanks accommodate tight space demands for high speed, high rate medical tubing production. High technology vacuum sizing is integrated with servo driven multi-pass sheaves within the primary cooling tank to satisfy product-specific residence times while precisely, cooling and metering the product. Ideally designed for clean room and other space limited production areas, the HTMP delivers the industry's best control over medical product sizing, ovality, tolerance, and tension for flexible PVC, TPE, TPU, and PE tubing.


  • Improve process control
  • Integrated components save cost
  • Cut material waste and increase yield
  • Cleaner interior design
  • Heavy guage stainless steel tank
  • Single, telescoping drip tray
  • Stainless steel splash tray
  • Hinged tempered glass tank lids
  • One primary sheave
  • Two secondary sheaves