SFH Series Shredder

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SFH Series Shredder
High volume film and fiber size reduction

Brand : Conair
Model Number : SFH-52

Film and fiber scrap are quickly size-reduced with the economical SFH and the high-volume SFX series shredders from Conair. Designed specifically for cutting through thin film, sheet and fibrous scrap, the SFH and SFX series readily accept loose scrap, bundles, rolls, and even gaylord quantities dumped into their reinforced surge hoppers.

Controlled feeding is provided by an automatic hydraulic ram that pushes scrap into a rotating row of rugged knives bolted into machined pockets of the solid steel rotor. Once started, the operation is fully automatic.


  • Solid steel single-piece forged rotors
  • Self-cleaning non-contaminating rotor seals
  • Oversized spherical bearings
  • Auto-reverse rotor operation
  • Straight-walled hopper
  • Service access doors