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ResinWorks™ System
Resin Drying Hoppers and Stands

Brand : Conair
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Conair ResinWorks™ systems offer a new level of manufacturing efficiency. By consolidating resin handling and pre-conditioning into a central area, material changes can take place quickly, cleanly, and safely away from the processing machine. Simplified resin dehumidification is the heart of the ResinWorks system, where multiple hoppers are supplied on a common pre-plumbed, pre-wired sled, and connected to a dehumidifying dryer to provide superior drying and maximum productivity. Individual sleds can be connected to form an efficient, centralized resin drying area supplying large numbers of processing machines with a wide array of dried resins.


  • Quick clean hoppers
  • Superior mass flow
  • 100% insulated
  • Long life tube heaters
  • Super safe hopper control
  • Automatic airflow balancing